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Current Issue

October-December 2021| Vol 9| Issue 4

Original Articles

Effectiveness of thermal screening for COVID-19: Some considerations

Introduction: Fever is a common symptom in most infections, and its rapid identification forms a major component of screening efforts. Such screening has been carried out by several countries d...

Original Articles

Experience as anesthesia resident in intensive care unit during COVID-19 pandemic

Anesthesiologists’ skills are successfully used in the process of distributing care in the COVID-19 pandemic. The first case of COVID-19 in India was reported on January 30, 2020. Since then, th...

Original Articles

An observational study on empathy and factors associated with individual variations in empathy levels among youth in Central Kerala

Background: Empathy is a social skill that exerts influence on the quality of social relationships. The importance of being empathetic is not only limited to the health care field. An empatheti...

Review Article

Impact of physical activity on gouty arthritis: A systematic review

Gout is a metabolic disorder characterized by hyperuricemia and abnormal depositions of urate around tissues and in and around joints, that is, tophi. Gout is a progressive disease, which, if not trea...

Case Reports

Perioperative allergy and anaphylaxis: An anesthesiologist’s nightmare

Perioperative anaphylactic reactions though rarer than in adults, result in severe morbidity in children. There is a shift in the most commonly implicated agents causing anaphylaxis from neuromuscular...

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